The iRelaunch Employer (Virtual) Speaker Series: "Building the Best Employer Return to Work Programs"

Session Eleven - "International Expansion of a Return to Work Program"

November 17, 3:00 - 4:00 PM Eastern

with Rachel Akers
New Collar Program Manager, and manager, IBM Tech Re-Entry

Rachel Akers leads IBM Tech Re-Entry, the return to work program started in 2016 when IBM was an inaugural member of the STEM Reentry Task Force, co-led by iRelaunch and the Society of Women Engineers. Now in its fifth year, the program has expanded to Canada, India, Brazil, and China. Our conversation with Rachel will discuss how countries were identified for international expansion, what was involved in the expansion in terms of training and manager selection, sourcing and programming, and how the program differs overseas from how it works domestically. We will also discuss the Reentry Badge Rachel created, what is required to complete it and whether the Badge opportunity is US only or worldwide.


Rachel Akers

New Collar Program Manager, and manager, IBM Tech Re-Entry


Rachel has been with IBM for 24 years and is a passionate Talent and Human Resources leader, with a proven track record developing and implementing global strategies and executing to drive business growth. Known for her client focus, collaborative work style, creativity and ability to get things done and exceed goals in a complex, global business environment. She has successfully led the expansion of the IBM Tech Re-Entry program by hiring 96 returners in 5 different countries in the last 2 years. During the session Rachel will discuss how she expanded the program to a global, agile, matrix-managed organization where the only constant is change.

Rachel earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the Colorado State University- Pueblo and is a certified Project Manager.

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